Designed to offer flexibility, personalized feedback, and a pathway to professional excellence.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it unfolds.

 1. Begin by exploring ExportStars different tiers 

Review Tier Options
Carefully read through the benefits and features of each tier. Consider factors such as the depth of content, access to personalized feedback, and any extra resources like webinars or expert sessions.
Once you've selected the tier that best suits your needs and goals, proceed to the registration page. Fill in your personal and payment information to secure your spot in the course.
Each tier may offer varying levels of access to course materials, instructor interaction, and additional resources.

2. Engage with course material 

Complete Assignments
As you finish each chapter, submit the required assignments through the course platform. These might include quizzes, written tasks, or practical projects.
Feedback Meetings
Throughout the course, you'll have scheduled feedback meetings with the lead educator and coach, Asetila Koestinger. Use these sessions to discuss your progress, clarify doubts, and receive personalized advice on how to improve.
3. Receive your certificate of excellence
Completion Verification
The course platform will automatically track your progress and completion of all necessary components. Ensure all assignments are submitted and feedback sessions attended.
Certificate Issuance
Once your completion is confirmed, you'll receive an email notification regarding the issuance of your Certificate of Excellence. Follow any instructions provided to download or receive your certificate.